Traffic Signals

traffic signals

I collect and appreciate old traffic signals. The prize of my collection is the signal on the right. Made by Crouse Hinds in New York, these dotted the American landscape in the 40’s and 50’s. I am in the process of restoring it, and it is now in a million pieces scattered across my house.

The signal on the left represents the modern end of the traffic signal spectrum. It is an Eagle Durasig and it is huge! I brought this signal to Burning Man 2007 and had it operating off of car batteries in the middle of the desert for a week.


Rubik’s Cube

cube puzzles

I enjoy tinkering with Rubik's cube puzzles like the ones pictured above. I also have a fascination with the mechanical ingenuity of these devices.

I have been working on solving Rubik's cube for speed: (the classic 3x3 version)
30 - 40 seconds: My time when I am in practice.
60 seconds: My time when I'm out of practice.
26 seconds or less: This is my goal. This is the time achieved by the national champion in 1981 on the television show That’s Incredible.
Under 10 seconds: Today's top cubists are achieving sub 10-second solves! See this site for more information.


Intellivision Programming


I have been creating new games for the Intellivision video game system. The Mattel Intellivision was one of several home video game consoles that were popular in the early 80’s. I have programmed and released an adaptation of the classic computer game, Minesweeper. You can buy the cartridge here. I am working on other games too. I love computer science and enjoy the minimalist zen that comes from this sort of programming.

Follow this link for more information about my Intellivision development projects.


Other pastimes…

I am perpetually interested in EVERYTHING. At any given time I seem to have one or two hobbies-of-the-week that I get passionate about. Here are some of the more notable mainstays:

I like to read about and explore Detroit-area history. I also collect old road maps of Detroit and Michigan.

I collect and play with early 80’s video games. I have all sorts of Atari, Intellivision, and Colecovision stuff. But my biggest goal is to obtain all of the game cartridges ever made for the Intellivision. I also collect old handheld video games.

I used to play many different musical instruments, especially the trombone, tuba, and piano. I have greatly fallen out of practice and really need to start playing again. Recently I bought an accordion and have been tinkering with it.