What I do...

I am not available for freelance consulting at this time.

I am a computer programmer specializing in the development of both web and desktop interactive multimedia applications. I have been providing advanced programming and troubleshooting services to Detroit-area companies since 1995. I currently work at Butler Graphics Inc. located in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Most of my recent work falls in these 4 areas:

Web application development

A majority of my work right now is in programming and maintaining a variety of highly customized management applications used by the medical industry. I program these applications in Microsoft ASP.NET using both Visual Basic and C#. (I prefer working in C#.) I have been programming in .NET since 2003.

Adobe Flash programming

I also do quite a bit of work with Flash, especially in the area of advanced ActionScript programming. Past projects have included a variety of interactive games and calculators for online and CD-ROM use. My recent work has been for online multimedia training apps which track student progress and activity using web services. I have been working with Flash on and off since 1997.

Macromedia Director programming

I have been programming for Director-based applications since 1994. These days, about 10% of my work is in providing programming and technical assistance for Director-based projects. This expertise includes: Advanced programming (Lingo); Projector and OS-specific troubleshooting; Integration with Xtras; Digital video troubleshooting; Game development; Data-handling; User tracking; Optimization assistance; Web-server integration; and the development of dynamic alternatives for tedious tasks.

User interface design and consulting for embedded devices

Recently I have been involved in a handful of projects concerning interface development and usability for new consumer and industrial products under development. These devices include programmable thermostats and portable ultrasound equipment. My roles on these projects have ranged from “paper” development of original concepts, to the construction of touch-screen-based working mockups for usability testing.

Fun Stuff...


Galactic Eliminators
Gyro Creative Group

Online Flash game: Space shoot-em-up designed and programmed by myself as an exercise in refreshing my Flash ActionScript skills.




Online Flash game: Classic game of searching for bombs. Designed and programmed by myself as a demonstration of advanced ActionScript programming.

Recent projects

In any given year, I seem to have my hands on 20 to 40 distinct projects. The following are some of the most notable examples of my recent work:


Henry Ford Health System
Education Services for Residents
Butler Graphics, Inc.

I program and maintain a suite of tools used to manage several residency programs at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan. These web-browser-based tools have a user base of over 500 people and growing. Some of these tools include:

  • An evaluation system that assigns and aggregates collected data for approximately 600 online evaluation forms every month.
  • A duty-hour reporting system used to track resident work patterns to insure conformity with ACGME 80-hour regulations.
  • A patient list management program used to formulate and print out daily team rounding lists.
  • Conference scheduling and attendance tracking aids.
  • Document storage. Resident documentation is scanned, uploaded, and browsable online with the goal of eliminating paper storage/usage.
  • Morbidity and Mortality management tools used to collect cases and assign weekly/monthly reviews.
  • Much of the above information is compiled into per-resident summary views that are used to aid the faculty/resident review process.
  • …and much more, including calculators and reference tools for looking up things such as ICD-9 codes, call schedules, etc.

The system is built in ASP.NET using Visual Basic and C#, and runs off of a Windows IIS server. Web services and more are used to share and consume data with 2 other hospital systems. I am responsible for 100% of the programming and also handle much of the server administration, HTML/CSS development, and project planning. An extended team of co-workers is responsible for the main visual design as well as additional project management, testing, and client support.

Residency Management


NASA / Wyle Labs
Advanced Diagnostic Ultrasound in Microgravity
Butler Graphics, Inc.


I built CBT and data-collection software used for this series of experiments conducted on the International Space Station over the course of 2004 to 2007. These experiments explored the ability of non-medical personnel to gather and transmit ultrasound data for use by doctors in remote locations. The knowledge gathered from these experiments has promising applications in the areas of space travel, sports medicine, and rural Earth medical care. For more information, visit these sites:

Basic overview presentation
Science Daily review of experiment
NASA project summary


This was a team project in which I responsible for the majority of programming and technical tasks. Most of the software was built using a mix of Macromedia Director and Flash. This project presented some extreme optimization challenges due to the quantity of content involved and the inability to deliver it via physical means. The grounding of the shuttle program following the Colombia explosion made delivery of CD-ROMs impractically expensive, and data-transmission had a number complex limitations. In addition, the computers available on the ISS were somewhat underpowered at the time.

Ford Motor Company
Ford Rouge Factory Tour
FMC Creative Services / BRC Imagination Arts

ford rouge factory tour     Ford Rouge Factory Tour

The Rouge Factory Tour opened in 2004, adding a major new attraction to the long popular Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village. I developed 8 interactive kiosks that are deployed along the length the tour.

Ford Rouge Factory Tour     Ford Rouge Factory Tour

These kiosks were built using a combination of Macromedia Flash and Director. I programmed the 8 distinct kiosks to be immediately swappable/interchangeable. In addition, I wrote a manual used by museum staff to aid with future maintenance and installations.

Visit the Ford Rouge Factory Tour

Ford Rouge Factory Tour     Ford Rouge Factory Tour

Ford Rouge Factory Tour