Requires: Flash version 5
Download size: 92k
Please be patient if the game doesn't appear immediately.

How to play:

The goal of the game is to identify which squares have bombs hidden under them. The bombs are placed under random squares at the beginning of each new game.

If you select a square with a bomb, you immediately lose the game. If you select a square without a bomb, a number will be displayed. This number indicates how many of the 8 immediately adjacent squares contain bombs. If there are no surrounding bombs, the selected square will appear clear.

If you think a square contains a bomb, you can safely mark it with a flag by SHIFT-clicking that square. The flag can be removed by SHIFT-clicking the same square again.

The game is won when either of the following occurs:

All of the bombs have been marked by flags.
(Without any extra misplaced flags.)

All of squares that do not contain bombs have been selected.

Some of the larger board sizes may not perform well on computers with slower processors.