• Reveal the hidden picture by capturing groups of same-colored squares and scoring points.

How to play:

• Click on a square to remove it. All continuous same-colored squares will be removed also. There must be at least one adjoining square that is the same color, or else the square you select will not be removable.

• Points are scored as follows:

Remove 2 squares: 0 points
Remove 3 squares: 1 point
Remove 4 squares: 4 points
Remove 5 squares: 9 points
Remove 6 squares: 16 points
Remove 7 squares: 25 points
Remove 8 or more squares: ??? points

Also, a bonus is received when you run out of removable squares. This bonus is determined by how many pieces were removed, and how many complete columns were cleared.

• If you run out of removable squares and have scored higher than the listed "GOAL", then the remainder of the hidden picture will be revealed.


• UNDO - Clicking on this button will bring back the last group of squares you removed. You can do this more than once and go back as far as you would like.

• NEW GAME- Click this if you are stuck or finished and want to start the game over again.