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I am frequently called upon to build small research and prototype projects. These are often destined to be presented to a third party for approval or funding. Therefore, it is very important to insure that they will operate and have usability equal to that of all the other projects I build.

The Edmund Fitzgerald
Great Lakes Historical Shipwreck Society

The Project: Butler Graphics Inc. built this prototype CD-ROM about the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald for the Great Lakes Historical Shipwreck Society.

My Role: Some Director construction and all Director programming.


"Karate Cat and the Math Marauders"
Educational Game Prototype CD-ROM

Gannon Productions

I programmed this working children's game that features numerous animated characters and sound effects.


Jeep Wrangler Experience
Gyro Creative Group

Online Concept Prototype:
I helped plan and build this prototype for a high-end multimedia web site. This prototype included a variety of working features and animations.



John Deere- Tractor game prototype
Butler Graphics, Inc.

I built this working online shockwave game. The object of the game is to mow over as many over-grown grass patches as possible before time runs out.


Corvette Route 66
Gyro Creative Group

Concept Prototype CD-ROM:
I did most of the programming for this concept CD-ROM that included a variety of sample content and activities.


Online activity prototypes for Marden-Kane Inc.
AKA Detroit Interactive Group

These were working prototypes of a couple of games intended for presentation purposes. They were both built in Shockwave and Java.


FCB snow driving experiment
Gyro Creative Group

FCB was interested in building an online activity that allowed a user to draw images by driving a Jeep vehicle around a snow-covered field. They had been told that it was not technically possible with the internet technology they wanted to use. I built this demonstration to show that the desired effect was indeed possible.

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