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I design and/or program websites every now and then. See my page about data processing apps for information on my efficient alternatives to server-side web programming.

AKA Detroit Company

The Project: This was the first company web site for AKA Detroit Company, a Detroit-based multimedia and web-design company of which I was the CTO. This site was built in mid 1997.

My Role: I designed this site based on company brainstorming. I did almost all of the graphic, HTML, and JavaScript construction.

Of Technical Interest: The front page of this site displays a random selection of three streaming animated photo collages.

In 1997, this site was one of the earliest to successfully use buttons that change appearance when rolled over. Later, everyone started doing "JavaScript rollovers," and the effect is now considered dated and tacky!


AKA Detroit Interactive Group

The Project: In trying to keep things fresh, AKA Detroit Interactive Group built this new company site in mid 1998. The site was built simultaneously in both HTML and FLASH versions. Each version was custom tailored to take advantage of its medium.

My Role: I played a number of production roles in the construction of this monstrous site. This project was very much a team effort. I worked on the construction of some of the Flash pages, including the Flash intro screen. I handled some aspects of JavaScript work, and I created sound effects for use throughout the site (Almost all of the sound was scrapped for efficiency purposes).


Ryan Kinnen's Korner

The Project:
I built this personal site in early 1997 both for fun and as a way of refreshing my HTML skills. I hadn't built a web site since early 1995. Actually, I'm proud to be one of the very few who can say they built a site that long ago. On this site, you'll find some of my earliest examples of Shockwave work.

My Role:
I designed and built all of this site myself. I did all of the HTML coding by hand. Heck, at the time there were still no useful tools which allowed you to do complex page layout.


On-Line Exchange

The Project: This web site was built by AKA Detroit Company for On-Line Exchange, an internet service provider.

My Role: I designed this site and built its original graphics, which included templates for creating future section headers and other components.



WDET public radio

The Project: AKA Detroit Company built this site for Detroit's public radio station, WDET. Some of the features of this site include: Content which is updated on a daily basis, audio samples from various shows, and secure transaction processing for pledge donations and merchandise ordering.

My Role: I did a little of everything on this site, including parts of the HTML construction and creation of several graphic elements (I did all of the menu). I also programmed an application which automated the process of converting the daily news headlines to HTML and uploading them to the site.

Of Technical Interest: Below is an image of the headlines updating application. Each day's headlines were written in a standard format for use around the station. The headline's text was pasted into the application where it was automatically converted into the proper HTML, saved, and uploaded to its place on the server.


Head Full of Ideas Interactive Project House

I both designed and built this site for an engineering services company.


Data Warehouse
AKA Detroit Interactive Group

I did most of the construction of this site, and some of the ASP programming.


Third Gear Records
AKA Detroit Company

The Project: No startup multimedia company is complete without building a site for an independent record label. The Third Gear Records site included secure transaction ordering, and Shockwave-based audio samples from some of the groups.

My Role: I did a majority of the design and construction of this site, including creation of unique Shockwave puzzle audio-players. This was in 1997, before the MP3 format was being used on the internet.


Metro Trading Association
AKA Detroit Interactive Group

I designed this site.

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